ViTre - a reading and writing assisting tool for Mac

ViTre makes it easy for you to read and write text.

ViTre assists you by reading text aloud and suggesting words when you write.
ViTre can easily be configured to fit your specific needs, for example if ViTre should provide both reading and writing support, which language and voice to use and when the voice should be used.

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ViTre supports you while writing.

When you write ViTre will suggest how the current word is completed as well as predict the next possible word. If a word or part of it is misspelled, ViTre will suggest how the word is corrected.

Three types of word suggestions are used in ViTre
  1. Word Prediction: ViTre suggests the next word based on the previous words in the sentence
  2. Word Completion: ViTre suggests the complete word based on the partial word you have already written. Word completion also takes into account the previous words when suggestion the complete word.
  3. Word Correction: ViTre suggests the correct word based on a mis-spelled word. Word correction also works on partial words giving suggestions while you are writing a word.

Any text which can be selected can also be read aloud with ViTre.

Text can be spoken automatically and words can be highlighted while they are spoken so that it is easy to follow the reading in the text.
ViTre highlights text while reading in Safari, TextEdit, Microsoft Word, Mail, Microsoft Outlook, PDF Professional, PDF Reader Pro, Open Office, Libre Office and Notes.

ViTre is able to extract text in images to readable text.

ViTre also contains a text recognition component - called ViTex. ViTex provides optical character recognition (OCR), allowing reading support and conversion to writable documents from text in camera pictures, scanned documents, picture files, screen dumps etc.

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